College Humor Comic: How to Describe Doctor Who to Different People [Comic]

After how to describe Game of Thrones to different people, here’s a similar comic, but for those who need to talk about Doctor Who to people around them.

[Source: Caldwell Tanner at College Humor]

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  1. Dad, remember how we lived in the U.K. when I was little – you were stationed at Alconbury.. and that show we used to watch with the scraggly looking guy with the crazy scarf flying around in a policebox with some hotty – it's kinda like that.. but he wears a bowtie and the hottie is a married redhead.

  2. Hey remember the feeling you had when you watched that movie that made you cry and brought back your hope for humanity and made you feel you actually had a soul by stirring all kinds of emotions that are suppressed and neglected during your regular daily life? Yeah its like that, in every episode!

  3. I just don't understand the love for Doctor Who. I've had many tell me in diffrent ways how cool it is and how it would appeal to me since I like things like it. So I tried watching it and it felt corny and confusing after a few episodes. Unless I watched the wrong series of course. I seen mutiple "series" for it on Netflix and each one had diffrent actors.

  4. Why does the funny stuff always have to dumb down the complexity of something. Your statements are inaccurate. Good day sirs, and madams.

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