Turn Your Smartphone Into A Karaoke Machine

Ever wanted to go and do karaoke but are way too shy to do it in public? Even in one of those sound-proofed cabins with only your friends to witness your abysmal attempt at Wannabe?

Well now you can do it in the comfort of your own home. With the AppToyz AppSing, you can become a rock star in your undies (or your birthday suit if you want!). Connect up any smartphone (allegedly) to the cage so that you can see the lyrics on your phone, pick up the mic and sing to your hearts content. You could even practice in front of the mirror to practice your “stage presence”.

[Get it for £39.95 ($51.37) at Red5 | £29.99 at iWOOT | £29.99 at Argos  | Via Geek Alerts]