WiFi Issues with iOS6

It would seem that all is not rosy with the release of the new operating system on iDevices. Apparently there were floods of complaints from customers who had their WiFi greyed out following the update to iOS6 on iPhones 4 and 4S and iPad 3rd Gen. I haven’t yet updated my systems to iOS6 and after reading this article on Wired, I think I’m going to wait a little while, just in case. I think I might have a heart-attack if my WiFi died. Apple has yet to comment on the error.

Apparently there was another error too, though this has been swiftly fixed. It involved some users being redirected to a 404 error page instead of a success page. That seemed to be a failing on the page side of things and so they repaired it. This WiFi problem seems a little more of a difficult problem, considering Apple has yet to comment. After having my iPhone 3G epically slow down with the iOS4 update, I’m going to take my time updating to iOS6 and make sure everything is hunky dory before I update.

Anyone else had problems with an iOS update?

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  1. Just that the maps are insanely bad. Less detail, no transit or even bus stop indicators, missing roads, lots of incorrect landmarks, place names that are humorously misspelled. Europe apparently has it worse, with entire towns and cities missing. People are now consistently getting directions that lead the wrong way up one-way streets. If they wanted to beat Google they should have partnered with Bing for maps – TomTom simply doesn't have the resources or connections to provide a quality product, even if it is "only the foundation". I find it hilarious that TomTom is using that excuse to put the blame on Apple – Apple can't magically fix TomTom's incorrect maps or incomplete satellite data.

    However, Apple did take the time to put nice big markers on the maps showing you where to find your local Apple store. That was just so thoughtful of them.

    It really is worse then Google's maps on the very first iPhone – they were simple but at least they were accurate.

  2. I had a related WiFi issue. When I installed iOS 6, the setup instructions had me select the network to connect to again. It found the network fine, and connected without requiring me to reenter the WPA2 key, but then about 1/2 hour later I noticed it listed as being on 3G again. I went into settings to manually reconnect it, and when I did it showed a pop-up login prompt for apple.com, with nothing but one line of text saying "Success!". Very eerie, and makes me think that apple is gathering additional information about its users that it's not telling…

    I have to agree with the other commenter that the maps is far worse. If you only use it in map mode and never use the satellite there is less of an issue (the vector maps are far cleaner than before and the majority of problems are with bad satellite images), but place-markers and search functions take a severe hit either way.

    Also, the cleaving off of the YouTube app is a major nuisance; yes, Google offers its own app for free, but the interface is not as intuitive and has led my children (ages 3 and 5) to already complain considerably as they no longer know how to surf videos.

  3. No problems with wifi, but the removal of some of the fundamental and best apps on the phone begs the question, do i stay with the iphone or move to another platform moving forward?

  4. My main issue with iOS 6 is with the podcast app. I use my ipod primarily to watch/listen to podcasts. Apple removed the ability to listen to podcasts from within the music app (which is one of two apps to support playlist use – the other being the video app), and introduced a new podcasts app that has a bug – while playing the podcasts, it will randomly stop playback. Once it does, you have to hit play, and it will stop again, and again and again. Way to break basic functionality, Apple!

    • What device are you on? I updated last night and can still reach podcasts in the Music app and haven't had any issues with playback.

  5. I haven't noticed any real issues on my iPad 2. I haven't had any wifi issues to speak of since the update and while I did open up the maps app, I don't rely on it as I still prefer to use a dedicated GPS device so I can't say I can really judge it since I never really used the old maps app.

  6. I am somewhere between lazy and paranoid. I let other people do the final beta testing for me, then adopt when the product is really done. Makes me (potentially) a bad tech support supplier, but manages my stress to the point I need.

  7. I have an iPhone 4S and updated last night with no real issues. The App Store occasionally says it can't connect even though it does but my wifi worked with no problems.

    I do know someone who updated just straight to his phone and lost all his photos. Eek! I connected to my computer and iTunes and backed up before doing the update.

  8. I updated on Wednesday OTA and my wifi option has been greyed out since. I've done every kind of reset and still have not been able to find a solution to the problem.

  9. Yeah, they took the f***ing YouTube app out, and now you can't watch bloody YouTube videos.

    Honestly, this corporate dick-sizing between Apple and the rest of the world is ridiculous. I've already switched by iPhone for a Samsung S3, and my iPad will be going the same way as soon as I can buy a Samsung.

  10. Ipad 2 with ios6. Wifi slowed down and drops me every now and again. Battery life has been cut in half. Wait before downloading to see if they fix the problems.

  11. iPhone4 with iOS6. Wifi coverage diminished inside my house, and push notifications don't seem to work consistently correctly. Often, I'll wake the phone to find it negotiating a wifi connection, and my pushed messages appear. I think I have all the push settings correct. I didn't change anything. Worked fine under iOS 5.1.1. Too soon to tell if the apparent lack of connectivity is improving battery life.

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