WiFi Issues with iOS6

It would seem that all is not rosy with the release of the new operating system on iDevices. Apparently there were floods of complaints from customers who had their WiFi greyed out following the update to iOS6 on iPhones 4 and 4S and iPad 3rd Gen. I haven’t yet updated my systems to iOS6 and after reading this article on Wired, I think I’m going to wait a little while, just in case. I think I might have a heart-attack if my WiFi died. Apple has yet to comment on the error.

Apparently there was another error too, though this has been swiftly fixed. It involved some users being redirected to a 404 error page instead of a success page. That seemed to be a failing on the page side of things and so they repaired it. This WiFi problem seems a little more of a difficult problem, considering Apple has yet to comment. After having my iPhone 3G epically slow down with the iOS4 update, I’m going to take my time updating to iOS6 and make sure everything is hunky dory before I update.

Anyone else had problems with an iOS update?

[Via Wired | Image: Apple]

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