Jimmy Kimmel’s “First Look”: iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S [Video]

Apple knows that we consumers eat up any new version of any product they manufacture — especially when it comes to their iPhone brand.

But what happens when you present an iPhone 4S to innocent, random men and women on the street, but SAY it’s the new iPhone 5?

Well, Jimmy Kimmel wanted to find out! The results may surprise you…or maybe even make you think.

4 Responses to Jimmy Kimmel’s “First Look”: iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S [Video]

  1. Ok.. part of it is easily understandable:
    – People saying it's lighter are used to carry their own iPhone with the case on it… so yes, the caseless iPhone they are holding is lighter ;)
    – People saying it's faster may a jailbroken iPhone with lots of random silly stuff that make it slower… and are comparing it with a factory settings (I assume) iPhone…
    – Some of these people may not own an iPhone 4S (or even just 4), so some of the features might seem new to them… (like the guy commenting on the front and rear cameras)

    Agree there is a part of "OMG WTF NEW STUFF!!! NEED NEED NEED!!!" though… :P

  2. This reminds me of an american's are stupid video I saw a long time ago (it's makes americans look like complete morons, funny to watch, but meaningless). It's just humor, cherry picking clips for what you want to show. Nothing to really base any conclusions on (so no, it doesn't make me think, other than people fall for various fallacies a bit too often IMHO when trying to come up with conclusions).

    Pretty sure one could make one of these video's easily for android users as well (or anything really, it's not like they had to find more than what…6 people that make a mistake? Super easy to do on hollywood blvd, it's a numbers game at that point), but Apple is where the money and fame are, so they get chosen.

  3. Regardless of what the fan boys say, this shit is just plain funny! It doesn't matter if they were "cherry picked", you do that with everything in life. Sports, school, news, etc, it doesn't make it any less true how you put it.

    The people on the video are obviously just hoping along for the ride on the Apple bandwagon, like the millions of like minded followers.

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