Google’s Bacon Number

Ever wanted to know the degrees of separation between any actor ever with Kevin Bacon? Well the geniuses at Google did.

You can now go to Google and type in any actors name followed by “bacon number” and you will be given the degrees of separation between that actor and Kevin Bacon.

Apparently it’s very difficult to find those with a degree of separation more than two from the man. I’m glad that Google technicians are working hard to create better products for us. Though you have to admit – it definitely shows you how fun working at that company can be.


14 Responses to Google’s Bacon Number

  1. Rod Serling's Bacon Number is 3. Considering how many well known actors he appeared with on The Twilight Zone (Hundreds, thousands?) I challenge anyone to find someone more famous with a 3.

  2. Aleksandr Samoylenko came up blank. This despite the fact that he was in Nightwatch with Konstantin Khabenskiy, who was in Wanted with James McAvoy, who was in X-Men: First Class with Kevin Bacon.

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