Gotham Gazette’s Headlines During The Dark Knight Rises [Pics]

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  1. To be fair. The time elapsed between Bruce being thrown in that hole and his return wasn't days it was months. Wasn't it something like 80 days? Still. Guess that's why he's batman.

  2. Okay I've heard this over and over as an obvious plot hole with Dark Knight Rises.. Can I point out a few things about WHY Joker wasn't released when Bane busted open Blackgate? First off, if you have a terrorist the level of the Joker do y
    ou think their going to keep him in City Prison? No. He's going to be moved to Federal. Therefor there is a really good chance that Joker isn't even in Gotham during Dark Knight Rises. Secondly considering the number of people who lost love ones because of him, he wouldn't be in general population at Blackgate, because someone would shiv him, so he was probably in solitary or high security in which case he would need to be specially released and why would Bane do that? Joker would be liable to cause as much havoc to Bane's plans as he did to Gotham previously. Bane is about breaking down the false order of Gotham, not complete anarchy. Third Joker might not even be alive, as mentioned before a lot of people lost loved ones, including cops, prisoners, guards etc and he did screw over the mob too. Lots of people would want him dead. Finally Arkham was lost with the Narrows so if he was sent to a facility for the criminal insane, it wouldn't be in Gotham unless they felt the need to build a new psychiatric hospital. Otherwise they would have shipped him out of city. Obviously all convenient ways to cover the absence of a character played by a decease actor, but also all completely logical means of excusing the Joker's absence.

  3. It's actually explained in the novelization. Blackgate was built as a result of the Dent Act and all criminals were transferred there. Arkham Asylum still stands and the Joker is the only inhabitant.

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