REAL Hoverbike! [Videos]

When I first saw that there were “Star Wars-Like Autos” I thought this was going to be some weird fake video. But Aerofex seems to be for real (though their site…needs some work) – they’ve created actual, workable personal hover craft!

It apparently uses high-powered fans to hover, reaching up to 30 mph in speed and climbing up to 15 feet off the ground. According to the description of the following video, it’s actually been redesigned to respond to the pilot’s natural sense of balance without needing flight control software!

That’s pretty nifty stuff and I’m sure it has the Star Wars fans salivating.

Unfortunately for those Star Wars fans, this is going to be sold to the military first, before it ever hits the public. But even so…are we on our way to Back to the Future-esque hover boards someday? I hope so.

[Via Trend Hunter]

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