By Your Powers Combined [Video]

Unfortunately, this is only a fan-made video and NOT a real trailer (as professional as it does look). I remember ages ago there were whispers of a Captain Planet movie. I got so excited and then the financial crisis hit and the project was dropped. Please, please let it return! There will be so many fans.

Maybe someone can start a petition or something? By our powers combined we can make it happen?

[Via The Mary Sue]


11 Responses to By Your Powers Combined [Video]

  1. it is just me or it it possible that the teens in captain plant are in fact the kids from the magic school bus?

  2. Good heavens, no! Aren't we deluged with bad movies enough?
    Besides. There already is a Captain Planet movie:

  3. OMG please please make this movie! BIG congrats to whoever put this together. Really good without much tech.. Is there really a petition?