Trekkie Restoring the Enterprise

One proud Trekkie refuses to let Paramount simply trash the set from his favorite series. He took the old tattered pieces they were chucking out and has decided he’s going to restore the whole damned thing.

In late 2011, we rescued this ENTIRE STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION ENTERPRISE D BRIDGE from BEING DESTROYED! Paramount had made it durably with Fiberglas instead of wood, and it survived for nearly 5 years, but had been long forgotten about.

It is our PRIME DIRECTIVE to take what we have and restore it to the closest recreation of the TV used as possible, with the help of our highly skilled group of Hollywood professionals, and MAKE IT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for Meetings, Movie Showings, Fund Raisers, Tours, Filming, anything!!

He’s eventually hoping to start a funding campaign so keep your eyes out if you’d like to see this restoration happen!

Check out the project’s website for more images of the bits and bobs that they’ve gathered and are slowly and surely restoring! Also check out their Facebook page for updates.

[Via Blastr]

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