Joss Whedon’s Secret Plan [Pic]

If this were true…I wouldn’t be complaining.

[By Gutters | Via The Mary Sue]

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  1. Could anyone do a poster involving characters from all of Whedon's major projects? Would be boss to see Buffy, Angel, Mal, Dr. Horrible, etc. in something like this. Though the internet being what it is I bet something like that already exists… *google* Hmm. Not that I could find. You've let me down internet… =(

  2. Surely with Joss’s track record he could get away with bringing back Firefly, do the studios not realise that people will pay to see anything that man does?

  3. After watching the tenth anniversary reunion of the cast and crew of Firefly I am simply amazed Joss didn't say, "You know what, you want me to do Avengers 2? Ok, well as long as I can get to make more Firely TV/shows or movies you are on."

  4. When I saw this in my RSS feed reader, I could not see the title at the bottom of the poster. I thought (and think it would be more clever if) it said "Guardians of the Galaxy" instead of "Avengers 3: The Return of Firefly".

  5. Oh how I wish it was true. I still miss Firefly, Fox or some other network must realise that the viewers want it back. The only difficulty might be in getting the cast back, seeing as Nathan is very popular in Castle, Gina Torres has work on Suits. Personally I would LOVE to see more of Jewel Staite who I adore. As well as Adam Baldwin, as the man is hilarious, loved him as Casey in Chuck, no matter what role he is in, it always seems to be some sort of facet of Jayne lol.

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