Go Fix It [Pic]

I don’t work in I.T. support, but I can imagine this is the norm.

[Via uberhumor]

8 Responses to Go Fix It [Pic]

  1. No, the picture shows a pretty sane way of running lots of network cables. The cables are tied off and being routed in a systematic way. Most real life scenarios are much less organized than that.

  2. It wouldnt be hard to find the cable. You just plug in a tone tester/cable finder at one end and then you start to wave the inductive amplifier around untill you find the cable. Most data centers would have used different colored cables for different networks/vlans but there are far worse setups that I have seen in person.

  3. you guys say this is the norm… I work for IBM and would be fired for creating a dogs breakfast like that, LOL. The pic Erin posted is closer to the norm… nice work Erin. Neat, tidy, labelled, and colour coded. But then, I am a perfectionist.

  4. WOW!!! It shard to find a picture that makes shocks me…but wow… this shocked me. I've never seen a server room with so many cables. It gives me a headache just looking at it. lol

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