Another Step Closer to Star Trek Replicators

The Imagine 3D Printer by Essential Dynamics is inching us ever closer to 3D printing as a commercial option for regular households. And this one can print food.

In fact, it can print just about anything. From the site itself:

If you can bring it to a soft form first (using a household blender), you can print with it. The sky is the limit.

Starting to sound like we’re getting closer to Replicators!

Apparently, since this printer uses syringes instead of the regular hot plastic extrusion pieces found on other 3D printers, it can print things at room temperature – such as food! According to an interview with Stevie Green, Essential Dynamics Sales Manager, over at Fabbaloo they’ve tested the printer with chicken, fish, turkey, beef and pork, blending it and then shoving it in the cartridge.

This could mean some very extravagantly designed fine-dining options for chefs, but it also means intricate work can be performed on cakes and other sweet delicacies. Truly edible art is a real possibility with this.

Here’s a video “demonstrating” it, but exactly what it’s making…I have no idea.

The product boasts the “largest build tray in the industry” at 9″ by 9″, is designed to be lightweight and portable and, most importantly, affordable – it only costs $1,995, which is actually more reasonable than I thought it would be. Seems pretty cool, anyone tried one out by any chance?


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  1. I can see the benefit of 3D printing in hard materials or fabrics, but edibles?

    First – the machine can't do anything a human with a syringe can't do better.
    Second – when everything is blended the food looses its structure and tactile feel.

    I have no idea to what purpose you would use this machine other than a novelty.

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