Paintball Against the US Delta Destroyers [Video]

Pit yourself against the US Army in paintball…yeah that’s gonna end well. “Scared bunny facing down a herd of hyenas” just about covers it.

[Via College Humor]

5 Responses to Paintball Against the US Delta Destroyers [Video]

  1. True… isn't this what the Taliban have been facing down for almost 12 years? Yet, they are still around? Makes me wonder….

    • Not like they actually had a challenge. It was a whole squad against a single man. I guarantee professional paintball players wouldn't last a second against a trained Delta Squad.

      • Regarding speedball an average team can easily take any army squad, if they aren't ballers. I practice a lot against guys from Foreign Legion and the only advantage they have over regular people is being way more physically fit.

  2. Actually, teams from the army have entered real paintball tournaments and they never do well. I'm not saying its always the case, but no army team is top ranked in PB. Just sayin.

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