Honest Trailer: Hunger Games [Video]

Yet another glorious dress-down of a movie. “I’m not gay but…” (Definitely have to agree with him on that point!)

[by Screen Junkies]

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  1. Ok it may not be the most spectacular awsome movie ever but its still descent. Seriously they didn't need to do even that. They could have just recycled twilight, slap a different logo on it and watch the money poor in.
    I think it deserves pros for trying to deliver a descent movie.

  2. All right, for the most part, I can see how some people would see the points brought up, but the line at 1:38, when he says "a film that forces two actors with no chemistry to awkwardly fall in love", that's the whole point. It's a lot more laid out in the book, but the point is that, when Peeta brought the star-crossed lovers aspect into play, she had to go along with it, if she, and later they, had any chance to survive. Plus, I think it's right up there with LOTR, if for no other reason than in terms of faithfulness to the source material.

  3. I hate people who complain about movie adeptations of a book, game….etc. I could care less if its not like its source material. Not to mention its near impossible to make a movie EXACTLY like a beyond long book.

    In terms of movies…..
    People have some hate for LOTR. But I love it.
    People hated Resident Evil. But I love it.
    People hated the Xmen movies (including origins). But again I loved it.

    Its why with the years of talk about a Halo movie, I know most would hate it because they would be expecting something else. If you like your book, game…etc then don't bother seeing the movie because odds are it will be diffrent.

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