The “Giger Counter”: A Geiger Counter Inspired by H.R. Giger

Phil Plait made an alien joke in a tweet (“If I ever go to an alien planet, I’m bringing a Giger counter.”) which sparked the inspiration of one Steve D. to build a geiger counter as H.R. Giger might see it (that’s the guy who did the design work for Alien, for the less alien-movie-geeky among us).

If you happen to work in a field where you need to detect radiation levels, you might look a whole lot more awesome using one of these. Not sure if it’s for sale though…Also, this video doesn’t do an amazing job showing it off, but it still looks awesome.

Check out MadArtLab to see a more detailed explanation of how it was made – you could just make one yourself.

[Via NerdApproved]

3 Responses to The “Giger Counter”: A Geiger Counter Inspired by H.R. Giger

  1. Isn’t this more of a detector and not so much a “counter”? There doesn’t seem to be a read-out for the radiation count. Looks cool but I’ll take the ugly one for Fallout.

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