Fake Science 101: A Complete(ly inaccurate) Guide to the Universe

It can be hard to understand all of that messy stuff they call ‘science’. Why not let Fake Science help you understand the really difficult questions about astronomy, making babies, lighting things on fire and how styrofoam came into the world.

Check out the book on the Fake Science Page – selling for only $11.53 on Amazon (cheapest textbook I’ve ever seen). 272 pages in full colour – and this isn’t one of those where the lecturer forgot to place a big enough order and now you have to wait till the end of term before the publisher prints more. It’s available now!

Here are a few exclusive images provided from Phil Edwards, the genius behind this book of absolutely zero knowledge, to get you all revved up and ready for a good romp on the sofa with Fake Science 101.

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