Android’s Google Now Voice Doesn’t Recognise Steve Jobs

I can’t really confirm this since I myself do not own an Android device, but according a Reddit thread, by asking with the voice search, “Who founded Apple?” results in it listing “Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and Steve Jobs.” The voice, however, only says, “Apple Inc. was founded by Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and others…”

Innocent mistake resulting from drawing information from Wikipedia, or a some Google engineer’s secret stab at the enemy?

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  1. Hmmm, this is not confirmed. I just loaded up Google Voice Search on my Android, asked the question: "Who founded Apple?" and I got a response with the first result a wikipedia page which lists Steve Jobs, Stevewozniak and Ronal Wayne.

  2. Confirmed, but the reasoning in the article is mistaken.

    It's very likely that Google Now will read the first two names in a list and then say "and others."

    Unfortunately, I can't find a company it recognizes that was founded by more than two people to test with.

    • Don't need to watch it to know its BS. Apple doesn't invent. They either steal other people's idea and tweak it to make it more functional and pretty and call it innovative. They buy other companies, or they pilfer open source for their OS. (Which to be fair Android has to a limited extent. However OS X is rift with open source projects. Crap Apple didn't even bother to build their own printer subsystem. They just snagged CUPS.

  3. Who cares. The sooner the world forgets about Steve Jobs the better. He has decimated the tech industry turning it into the tech equivalent of a blond supermodel: All looks, zero substance.

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