Top 5 Most Amazing Feats of Ancient Engineering

Here’s an interesting infographic listing 5 amazing feats of ancient engineering. As you can see with the Antikythera mechanism, gadgets have existed for thousands of years. Apart from this mechanism, what other cool “old” gadget would you throw in this list?

Top 5 Most Amazing Feats of Ancient Engineering

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  1. Oh, so many. I love ancient engineering.

    Did you know that Hero of Alexandria developed steam power around the time Jesus lived? He created a pretty standard steam-powered engine, but dismissed it as nothing better than a toy. One of his great accomplishments, though, was rigging up a set of temple doors to open by themselves when you burned a sacrifice. The heat from the sacrificial altar would boil water beneath it, sending steam up to rudimentary turbines attached to the doors' hinges.

    Archimedes designed a lens-based "death ray" that would focus solar power into a point that could light ships on fire. (The same principle as using a maginifying glass to burn ants.) There is some question as to whether it was ever actually built and deployed.

    There was a factory in China that harnessed the power of a waterfall to turn a massive spindle. The spindle would operate a dozen huge triphammers. I forget exactly what they used the hammers for, but I think it was for crushing rock/ore.

  2. If you want your mind blown, check out Malta and the ancient monuments that litter the island. Older than the pyramid of Giza and other monuments around the world.

  3. Antikythera mechanism was not found "near Greece", it was found near Antikythera, Greece. Sorry to point that out, but being fellow geeks and all, I think details matter.

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