Doctor Who Season Seven Trailer is Online

The trailer for Season Seven (or Series if you are in the UK) of Doctor Who is now online.

The preview shows snippets of the upcoming season instead of just the first episode, and this being the Doctor’s 50th Anniversary, each of the 14 episodes is promised to be “blockbuster movie” length.

Seems there is a lot of everything in this upcoming season. The Doctor is still dealing with the exponential consequences of his actions (or inaction as he suggests) and some favorite enemies are set to return. Obviously Daleks return as well as the ever popular weeping angels. I like the idea of Dinos on a Spaceship too, and I am really curious to see The Doctor in the Wild West (because Stetsons are cool!)

The primary teaser image shows the Doctor seemingly cradling a dead or uncoscious Amy Pond, and at this point I think the only way to honestly let her leave the show is dead.

The Doctor has never been this closely tied to a companion as much as he is with Amy. If you don’t know why, I won’t spoil it for you here. She’s my favourite companion, but I think that her story has already been told and there is little more we can do with her.

I am excited to see what they do with Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion, which may well show up after the midseason break and Christmas Special.

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  1. I disagree with the comment "The Doctor has never been this closely tied to a companion as much as he is with Amy." The 10th Doctor was in love with Rose, so much so that when he was "cloned" and the result was a human Doctor with all his memories, he left the clone with Rose so she would be with him and they would be together in a normal life, and she wouldn't be in danger like she was with him… Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

    • The doctor has also had Time Ladys and his own grand daughter travel with him. I'm pretty Susan is more important to him than Amy, Rose, or any of the human companions.

    • You also have to realise most people watching Matt Smiths Doctor now have only really watched it since it was made more american, and know very little of the other great doctors(especially Tom Baker)..even though they try to pretend otherwise..I still love the show, I just really don't like where they are going with it, for a while there it wasn't even Doctor Who anymore, it was The Amy Pond show with her time traveling friend.

      • I don't think the show has really moved away from the doctor, yes Amy Pond got more attention than most companions, but the compaions make the show. I don't care how good the doctor is if he doesn't have a companion who compliments him well the show is going to suck, plus Amy was popular why not showcase her.

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