New X-Men Movie Title Released


The sequel to the prequel (a midquel?) X-Men: First Class is now known to be titled X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Apparently it’s going to be based on a story arc where Kitty Pride (played by Ellen Paige in the X-Men trilogy) sends her powers to her past-self in order to, you know, save the mutants from mutant haters.

However, the details of the script are still being held tightly, making this title release nothing more than a pre-teaser really – is it just me or is the movie industry finding more and more ways of teasing us with less and less information about upcoming projects?

It seems shooting will start in January and Michael Fassbender (yay), James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Kravitz, Rose Byrne and Nicholas Hoult have been signed on, or will be soon, to play their characters from First Class.

Are you guys revved up for the 2014 release of this X-Men midquel or are you sick of the X-Men franchise going on and on and on?

For the record, there is no such thing as too much X-Men for me.

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  1. They really need to let it go…. on for a long time! I love X-Men. When I was younger, I was a pro-DC/Anti-Marvel (damn fanboy), but after I grew up a little, X-Men really got me.

    I wouldn't mind seeing some more X-Men movies at all.

  2. Adapting "Days of Futures Past" is going to be tough to pull off. Tons of characters would need to be introduced and lots of special effects for the Sentinels in the future. Maybe we will get a shot of Wolverine burned down to his skeleton. Not to mention that a lot of it would screw with the old X-Men trilogy continuity wise.

  3. First class was such a bad movie, it was not an x-men film, it was more like someone who pretends to like x-men (cos nerds are cool) tried to write the film. It had characters and certain things right but the plot? NOT A SINGLE DAMN THING. HANK DID NOT BUILD CEREBRO XAVIER AND MAGNETO DID, HANK IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING AS OLD AS XAVIER OR MAGNETO, HANK ATTENDED THE FIRST CLASS OF X-MEN WITH THE OTHER ORIGINALS. FUCK DARWIN DIEING THATS BULLSHIT THAT FILM PISSED ME OFF SO BAD.

  4. I love the x men films but i just wish it was grittier than what it is. It needs to be more real than comic book cartoon like.

  5. I second what Wes Said. Giving filming rights back to Marvel would not only mean more money for everyone, but it would also solve so many things. I have hated every single xmen film to date. I also still deny the existence of Wolverine Origins. But hey, the public likes action and doesnt care much for character accuracy. Days of future past has to be one of my favorite arcs and now these people taking it on as a project just ruined all hope i had for positive future for the muties. its going to be xmen 3 all over again with them introducing soooooo many new characters in one film -_-

  6. I've been an X-Fan since the early '80's…Days of Future Past is my all-time favorite story arc, and I've been waiting for it to make some kind of appearance in an X-Film for years now… I'm with you – no such thing as 'too much' X-Men… I dropped out of the comic-reading in the late '90's, and now when I pick one up it's like "huh??" what did they do to my favorite characters?? The writing might still be decent but I can't get past the artwork to find out…I'm relying on the movies to satisfy my comic cravings at this point (ok, except for Walking Dead, which I'm reading at the moment). My hope is they stay true to the story arc in the comic and stay away from totally annihilating the best thing about the original comics…the writing! I don't want to see another Watchmen fiasco where they massacred the ending of a terrific story and overall fantastic movie…

  7. Great. I enjoyed both the first X-Men film and X-Men: First Class.

    Can we assume, however, that this will also be set in the 60's and will use exclusively Moody Blues music from their seminal album "Days of Future Past" which came out in 1967?

    Note how I cleverly avoided the use of the phrase "I think you'll find" and managed not to nerd-snort as I did so.

  8. X-Men First Class was great – I like this version/re-boot of the X-Men series! I'm sure X-Men will be a movie franchise, essentially forever, so if you're sick of the X-Men franchise going on and on, you're going to have a bad time!

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