New X-Men Movie Title Released


The sequel to the prequel (a midquel?) X-Men: First Class is now known to be titled X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Apparently it’s going to be based on a story arc where Kitty Pride (played by Ellen Paige in the X-Men trilogy) sends her powers to her past-self in order to, you know, save the mutants from mutant haters.

However, the details of the script are still being held tightly, making this title release nothing more than a pre-teaser really – is it just me or is the movie industry finding more and more ways of teasing us with less and less information about upcoming projects?

It seems shooting will start in January and Michael Fassbender (yay), James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Kravitz, Rose Byrne and Nicholas Hoult have been signed on, or will be soon, to play their characters from First Class.

Are you guys revved up for the 2014 release of this X-Men midquel or are you sick of the X-Men franchise going on and on and on?

For the record, there is no such thing as too much X-Men for me.

[Via The Mary Sue]