How we treat our computers… [Comic]

Yep, looks about right to me…

[Source: Sticky Comics]

11 Responses to How we treat our computers… [Comic]

  1. the windows / linux robot should be optimus prime carrying us proudly while we dress as the dragonborn and the mac should a two soup cans on a string with a 1500 dollar price tag.

  2. That's only because the guy on the left doesn't really know or care too much about computers, whereas the guy on the right understands that this thing is his beautiful bitch, sworn companion in digital adventure, that will perform miracles for him at a much smaller price tag. The guy on the left is wearing a trendy t-shirt to go with his trendy tin opener, the guy on the right is a ROCK'N'ROLL STAR :D

  3. It should be: Mac user bowing down before his Mac that does everything a PC does, only worse for more money, and the PC user hanging out and playing cards or something with the PC.

  4. Mac users one is fine, the PC one needs to be a nerd that actually knows how to use a computer being carried by a cooler looking robot that he got to build himself. ;)

  5. My Mac has been sitting unplugged on my floor for the past two years. Stupid “we no longer support this model” piece of junk.

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