Star Wars Keyboard with Touchpad LCD?

ThinkGeek has a lot of fun stuff for geeks, and while the grand majority of it is reasonably attainable, I came across a puzzling gem of an item posted earlier this week that both intrigued and confused me.

Meet the Star Wars Keyboard with an LCD Touchpad.

Of course, I instantly began to wonder why this was called the Star Wars Keyboard. While the LCD panel was displaying a vaguely Imperial logo (but better Alliance logo in another image), I didn’t see anything at all about this that screamed “Star Wars.”

Editor’s note: Well, the keyboard does look a little like something you’d find aboard an imperial starship, but maybe it’s only me…

The claim is that the keyboard is designed for the Star Wars Old Republic MMO, but quickly adds that it could be used for any MMO. The programmable macro keys are designed to make these sort of games easier to control.

And another great feature about the keyboard of course is the Touch LCD panel instead of the standard numeric keypad. You can program gesture controls into the screen or simply use the LCD to display alternative content such as a YouTube video or messenger tools. The image shows a Dragonball image in the screen because what else would you want to advertise a Star Wars Keyboard with?

The style of the keyboard is not inherently Star Wars in appearance, nor is it limited for use on Star Wars games. Furthermore, most people do not look at the keyboard when using it, so a secondary built in screen seems a bit redundant.

I was drawn to the style and layout of the keyboard, and while I thought the LCD touchpad and screen would be a great addition, I quickly got over it.

So aside from it not being very Star Wars, does this keyboard appeal to you? How about its $260 price tag?

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  1. This is the Star Wars the Old Republic keyboard for the MMO game. It was released as a special promotion gaming keyboard also comes with a code for a special black/green crystal in the game. As a gaming keyboard it sucks though :( was very disappointed. If you don't game it is a great typing keyboard. However, for gaming, buy a Roccat Isku the gaming keyboard I have ever owned.

    There is also a Star Wars Razer Naga mouse, SWTOR Mousepad (which is awesome, I own one), and SWTOR headset (that works with the game to light up in your peripheral vision to show you are being shot at)

    For more info on this and the game check out

  2. As @Jamion mentioned this came out in December of 2011 for the SWTOR MMO release. Horrible price point, would never buy one.

  3. The two symbols are for the Sith Empire (The cog) and the Galactic Republic (the swan thing). Two of the factions in Star Wars: The Old Republic era which is set about 3,500 years BEFORE the films.

  4. I used one for awhile (the Logitech one) with the LCD screen. I never looked at the screen. And when it did catch my attention I wasn't watching my main screen (not an avatar safe action). I ended up just turning it off or closing the screen so it didn't catch my eye and force me to glance.

  5. The keyboard seems interesting, but way overpriced for what you get. I did buy the mousepad, and love it, though!

  6. It's a Razer keyboard, hence the price. For the SWTOR MMO (as mentioned above). It's a collectors piece, and I'm sure a nice gaming keyboard (I love my razer Black Widow which I never would have gotten for myself but was a gift…)

  7. I havge no use for a touch pad on the right side of my keyboard. Or anyside really as I use a Nostromo and a Naga. I do love my G19 though. Overpriced piece of plastic, but cool LCD and it changes color depending on the game I play, and so does my Naga Epic so it looks very nice. What can I say, I like eyecandy >_>

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