Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall Falls… Twice Every Hour

Forget about augmented reality, lets see some serious real-world illusionary genius, like this incredible display by Montreal-based Moment Factory, showing Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall crumbling to the ground, only to be replaced by a colorful, fantastical version of the building.

Costing millions to produce, the show involves 12 projectors, 12 servers to run them, hundreds of LEDs to augment them, a powerful audio system comprised of 15 surround sound speakers and 5 subwoofers and there was even special mesh fabrics used to ensure the image stayed sharp.

Moment Factory call the show “Duality” and it is meant to be an expression of the dual nature of Atlantic City’s personality. Even if (like me) you don’t really know enough about Atlantic City to appreciate the artistic motivation, it’s still a brilliant visual display and one that I’d like to see more of.

Designed as a tourist attraction, the now permanent display goes for about 8 and a half minutes and plays twice an hour every night. This clip of it below gives you a taster – to encourage you to go and see it for real!

It would seem that Moment Factory now have their sights set on an even greater show: to see the (illusion of the) fall of the Eiffel Tower! Now that will be a show that will make headlines.

[Via Wired]