San Diego Comic Con 2012 in Pictures – Day 1 [Gallery]


Last year, we scoured flickr to search for creative commons pictures of, as our own Meredith would put it, the Geek Mecca of all geek conventions: San Diego Comic Con. But this year, two amazing photographers have volonteered themselves to hunt the floor of the convention for us: Bill Watters (Bill hasn’t sent us anything today) and Hayley Sargent. We’ve also thrown in a few pictures from our pals at Aggressive Comix and of San Diego Shooter in there. Enjoy!

Edit: Our gallery for day two is here, day three is here, and day four is here. If you’ve missed them, be sure to check ’em out!

[Hayley Sargent | Bill Watters | Aggressive Comix | San Diego Shooter]