Spider-Man vs Batman in Toronto [Video]

So geeks, who do you think will win the fight at the box office? Batman or Spider-Man?

[Via Buzzfeed]

2 Responses to Spider-Man vs Batman in Toronto [Video]

  1. I think Avengers will win out the Box Office wars, but I think Batman will be a better movie.

    Avengers was, quite simply, fun, and people flock to fun movies. It had great eye-candy, both from the cast and the special effects, and it mixed well established characters in a way we haven't seen on screen before. But it didn't have much of a story/plot. In short, it was an excellent "popcorn flick".

    I think Batman will have a much better story/plot, which I think will make it a better movie overall, but be weaker on eye candy (no offense to Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway) and weaker on the "fun" factor, so it won't get the repeat viewings Avengers got. Again, that isn't to say I don't think Batman will be successful, I just don't think it will beat Avengers in revenue.

  2. Let's see…first appearance of Bane as a villain in a Batman movie and Anne Hathaway in a pleather bodysuit vs. Uncle Ben dying again in another reboot of the Spider man franchise. No contest in my book. Batman all the way…:)

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