Holy Batmobile Traffic Jam, Batman! [Caption Contest]

Pic: Geektyrant

Holy Batmobile traffic jam, Batman! Where are all the Batmobiles going? Your caption could win a prize from the NeatoShop.

But first, the story behind the pic: Warner Bros. is hosting an event Extra Comic-Con, where they put together all of the Batmobiles from the Batman movie franchise (see previously on [GAS]) in San Diego’s Bayfront Park on July 12 to 15.

Now, on to the Geeks Are Sexy Caption Contest! Here are the rules:

1. Write a funny caption in the comment section below
2. Write your selection of a NeatoShop item from the Gift for Geeks section. You can pick any item in stock, $25 or less. Go ahead, take a look.
3. You can enter as many times as you’d like, but one entry per comment, please
4. Incomplete entries forfeit the prize, okay?

Funniest caption wins! We’ll pick the winner soon – Good luck and happy captioning!

Update 7/25/12: Congratulations to kainvinosec who won with this gem “Robin’s garage sale went too far.”

172 Responses to Holy Batmobile Traffic Jam, Batman! [Caption Contest]

  1. Why do we always let Adam lead the convoy? He's driving five miles under the limit and his left blinker is still on!

  2. nana nana nana nana REPOMEN !!! they strike when you least expect it …even if you are batman!!

    exercise in the forest moon t-shirt size L in mens please :)

  3. *Batmobile in back* Batman: -HONK HONK.- "Come on, I've got lives to save!" *thinks to himself- "Just you wait until the divider becomes a passing lane"*

    *Batmobile in the front, completely clueless to the line behind him*

    *Batmobile in the middle* Robin: "Holy strawberries Batman! We're in a jam!"

    (My prize I'd like: http://www.neatoshop.com/product/Exterminate-Me … Type: t-shirt, Size: 2XL, Color: Navy) Thanks! ;) Hope I win.

  4. As the Master had his sights set on Gotham, The Doctor enlisted the help of it's protector, this would be a battle fought over five different time streams culminating in one of the most epic crossovers in time (relatively speaking of course) Join us for 'Who is The Batman?' a Feature length presentation coming to an imagination near you.

  5. "Thanks to a certain man with a little blue box every criminal in Gotham is about to have a really bad day."

    Pixelate! Triplets, T-Shirt, 2XL, Black

  6. COME ON DOWN! … to crazy Harvey D's used car emporium. We have classics to late models sports cars. No reasonable offer refused … You have a 50/50 chance of getting a great deal!!

    *Pac-Man bank w/sound*

  7. OK remember when the music stops, dont be the one left without a parking space.

    *Batman – Be the Hero apron*

  8. New in town Uncle Bat's Pizza delivery we'll get your pizza thru even in the darkest knight.

    *Fat and Happy – Simpsons Mug*

  9. Reporter: So Batman what brought you to Gotham?
    Batman: Well … I was part of this long wagon train headed East…

    *Fat and Happy – Simpsons Mug*

  10. Eventually even with his money, the driving tickets he accumilated eventually drove Batman to follow proper traffic laws.

    *Prize: Sorting Hat – Harry Potter*

  11. Bruce Wayne: "-I'm telling you Alfred this nightmare was worse than the one with Ozzy … this one looked soooo real! … The ink on the divorse papers wasn't even dry and Catwoman was already taking the Batmobiles away … ALL OF THEM Alfred … sob … all of them!!!!"
    Alfred: (Keeps patting Bruce on the back) "shh shh shh … It was just a bad dream Master Wayne … just a bad dream."

  12. Later, at the repair shop…
    'In hindsight… No… a double-yellow line was NOT enough to stop the Tumbler from passing.'

    Boba Fett POP! Bobble-head

  13. I liked the Gotham City Anti-Crime Parade better last year when Batman dragged criminals behind the Batmobiles. Sure, it was hell to clean up afterwards but at least the screaming of the criminals drowned out the tone deaf marching band.
    – Millenium-Falcon-LEGO-Messenger-Bag

  14. Ever since my neighborhood crime watch started patroling in Batmobiles crime has been down 34% … Unfortunetly rocket powered hit and runs are up 88%.
    – Millenium-Falcon-LEGO-Messenger-Bag

  15. Once again it's that time of year when the great, thundering Batmobile herd begins it's long, perilous journey back to it's secret spawning ground to find a mate or die trying.

  16. Answer: What did Warner give Nolan to do Superman's script doctoring?

    Millenium Falcon – LEGO Messenger Bag

  17. West: Aren't we missing someone?
    Bale: Only if you want your back broken!

    Millenium Falcon – LEGO Messenger Bag

  18. Beauty and the Geek found a new way to get contestants to the mansion…

    Millenium Falcon – LEGO Messenger Bag

  19. What do you mean we're lost? I told you we shouldn't have let Adam lead…

    Star Wars 4-Piece Collector Glass Set

  20. The funeral procession for Batman rides through the Gotham suburb where his cherished friend and butler, Alfred grew up.

  21. All previous Batmen pay their respects in this funeral procession for their latest incarnation who was killed by Bane in a tragic duck hunting accident. Former VP, Dick Cheney, a close friend of Bane, has volunteered to drive the newest Bat-mobile to show his 'honor and respect for a great American hero and the man he killed'.

  22. Bruce Wayne aka "Batman" also hit hard by the economy filed for Chapter 11 in bankruptcy court today as his estate was foreclosed on…

  23. "Why the hell did we let the old guy take point?"

    Oh, and that Battle Damage t-shirt looks aaaaawwwwesome.

  24. Cause we got a virgin convoy
    Rocking through the night
    Yeah, we got a virgin convoy
    Ain't it a beautiful sight

  25. While rarely seen in the wild, the aggressive rhinobat takes to the streets to stalk its prey.

    Millenium Falcon – LEGO Messenger Bag

  26. West: At least for my theme song people don’t need a full orchestra to play it.
    Bale: Yeah, that Jazz quartet’s real macho…

    Millenium Falcon – LEGO Messenger Bag

  27. Nobody will care about that Schmiggs Boson when we get to Comic-Con!

    Millenium Falcon – LEGO Messenger Bag

  28. Bat 2 to Bat 1,where the hell are you going? I think you got us lost….AGAIN./I'm giving her all she's got t-shirt

  29. As a natural progression Bruce cleared out the Bat Cave for the new M1A1 Abrams Bat-tank (Coming soon)

    Fat And Happy – The Simpsons Mug

  30. Holy evolutionary timeline Batman! I'm feeling queasy going so slow yet so quick…

    Young Schrödinger T-shirt – 2XL – Ash grey

  31. "You know, someone really needs to take West's driver's license away. He's driving like 10mph and his left turn signal has been on for like the last 20 miles" ~ Bale

    Run Ewok Run!, Medium, Serene Green

  32. "You've been Licked" – Ron (Lizard Lick Towing)
    Even Batman wasn't immune when got a little behind in his payments during the bad economy

    Run Ewok Run!, Medium, Serene Green

  33. "God I hate vehicle inspection time, hope I pass emissions this time"…The only mortal enemy to ever learn the secret's of Batman's technology..THE DMV

    Schroedinger's Bet, M, Dark Grey

  34. Today's Headline: Sony announces relaunching Batman movie franchise with Robin"
    In breaking news: "Robin found brutally mangled on highway, several different tire tracks were seen leaving the scene….no suspects have been found, and shockingly none of the Batmen could be reached for comment"
    Schroedinger's Bet, M, Dark Grey

  35. Explain to me again why you wear a costume that blends in with the shadows, but drive in a car that can't be missed from a mile away?

    – Millenium Falcon – LEGO Messenger Bag

  36. No matter how early I get to the superhero parade I always seem to miss Wonder Woman's invisible jet.

    – Millenium Falcon – LEGO Messenger Bag

  37. Boy, that wheel just keeps falling off and letting Joker escape. Oh well, I needed to upgrade anyway.
    Support Cloning 2XL

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