Simple Robotic Hand Can Pick Up, Throw Anything [VIDEO]

What will those crazy Cornell kids think up next??

The Cornell Creative Machines Lab‘s latest creation/contraption resulted in a low-cost, morphing robot “hand” that can pick up, drop, or throw any object, something current robotics has yet to perfect.

Apparently, it involves SCIENCE! (More specifically – and quite simply – a balloon, coffee grounds, a vacuum, and a technique called “granular jamming”.)

Made from just a balloon, coffee grounds, and a vacuum, this robotic morphing hand can pick up any object.

Watch the video to understand how it works.

[Via Geekologie]

5 Responses to Simple Robotic Hand Can Pick Up, Throw Anything [VIDEO]

  1. Really slick video you presented me there with. Much interested, keep going up the good work (tho I could pass on the bajillion doctorwho/stormtroopers threads :D).

  2. Excellent. An invention that will make it easier for angry robots to disarm uppity human rebels as we try to defend our homes with pitchforks and old sticks. And then they can pop down to the pubs we used to frequent and play darts.

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