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    • Well it's not the same exact species of Xenomorph but considering that this film takes place about 200 years before The Nostromo is could be said that this species is one of the early versions that produced the face huggers that created the current series of Xenomorphs. Also a Xenomorphs type is determined by the host that was found by the facehugger. I like to think of it as a different yet early version of a queen.

      The bio weapon black goop has some weird properties. In some cases it completely disintegrates the infected creature and in other it mutates them.

      • Prometheus only takes back 36 years before Alien, and the Xenomorphs have been around for much longer than that, the "Engineers" may have been working on a way to prefect them further.

    • Yes and no. The explanation I have is the alien came from the engineers, not from a human. Its been documented that the facehugger's breeding uses the genetic material from the host to create the alien. BUT. That partially gets thrown out the window by the movie in that they say the engineers DNA is a 100% match for human DNA. But that wouldn't make ANY sense, because if you look at the engineers they are different from us. ridley scott screwed up on that point, badly.

      • Not entirely true. When they refer to it as a match, they don't specify it's exactly the same as human, but that it matches their expected results; i.e. we're 'related'.

        • I agree. They don't specify in the movie because it's a motion picture that wants you to think for yourself, rather than spooning you the details. It's clear that many characteristics of us and the 'engineers' are similar. However it is blatantly obvious that just because we are a DNA match doesn't mean we are identical, this is made obvious by the fact the planet's air is toxic to human beings but not to the engineers. I like the way the movie didn't over-complicate things by going into large detail on the things we can work out for ourselves.

  1. I think it is the same goop, but we are not as evolved as Space Jockeys and the goop made the guy a zombie like creature because of this. Then it was all downhill because of that… it's called mutation

  2. The image is totally correct. Space jockey drank black stuff and made us.alien at end need a few more evolutions to become the xenomorph we know.

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