The Mini Cooper Goes Steampunk [PICS]

Having numerous friends immersed in it, I am well aware of the popularity and concept of “steampunk“. I even wrote an article about a steampunked Sherlock Holmes story.

Which is why it was easy for me to imagine Holmes and Watson — or any number of my friends — cruising around town in this steampunk Mini Cooper, created by Carlex Design.

For the exterior, Carlex Design painted the Mini in a flat grey and then accented parts of it with copper, especially the wheels. Copper, wood, and brown leather was used in the interior.

[Source: Carlex Design / Via HiConsumption]

8 Responses to The Mini Cooper Goes Steampunk [PICS]

  1. no… i really really really really hate steam punk… like… steam punk makes candy ravers look like a good thing….
    i now, no longer want to buy a mini cooper JUST because of this.

  2. I like steam punk but WOW is that one horrible paint scheme, copper paint does not make something steam punk…l

  3. Took a close look at the interior and they better install some wipers on the inside of the windshield, projectile vomiting could hinder your ability to see …..

  4. Is it…you know, powered by steam? Because if not, then we're just co-opting a name, yes? This is a nice design with copper and wood…nothing steamy or punky about it.

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