Online Retailer Charges a 6.8% Tax to IE Users

The people running this Australian-based online store are my new heros. If a visitor purchases a product on the site while using IE 7, he gets charged an additional 6.8% tax on top of his order.

And while being on the subject of Internet Explorer, there is still 1% of our visitors that use IE 7 and 1% that use IE 6. Guys, now would be the perfect time to upgrade. Seriously.

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  1. The company I work for still uses IE 7 with their standard XP images. I'm assuming when XP is out of support, that 1% will disappear as I'm guessing your 1% is mostly corporate users like myself.

  2. Sorry, got a HUGE issue with this. Wanna know how many times I have gone to use some site and it says "you are using IE7 or less" and I am NOT! This is BS. Quick screen grabs will show you right this second, and that is the fault of their programing, not mine. So in this case, I would chose to shop elsewhere.

    • Because I prefer Chrome, it's as simple as that… plus, it's actually faster than anything else out there.

      • Thats not what my experiences tell me however. But each to our own. I have never really liked Chrome and it has never really ran that well from my experience. Furthermore I am so far unimpressed with the way it handles having 20+ tabs open at a time <.<

  3. I would get really pissed off if I got charged extra because a store did not like what I had on my computer (borderline invasion of privacy). I can just imagine if i got charged extra in an actual store because they did not like me wearing sandals or an old T-shirt. But then again there are many other stores to go to.

    • It's not an invasion of privacy if you don't understand how a browser works. When you use the browser it sends a message to the Website saying some basic info like your IP and what browser you're using and things like that. If you choose NOT to upgrade, that's your choice. But you'll be left behind and when things don't work it's no ones fault but your own.

  4. honestly I have never had a problem with IE it works just as well for me as any other and I love how it pisses of tech people, so I guess I'll just buy stuff from one of the other million online stores

  5. Seriously, I use all browsers, I use them for different things. Work related is usually IE, We browsing and entertainment I use Firefox, For doing things with Google Chrome (personally Google has gotten to full of them selves So I use it less and less), on my Apple I use safari, I don't use Opera.

  6. Just seems a bit strange, What does it matter to them if the person wants to use IE7? I don't see really what it has to do with them. What if Apple turned round and said you get charged extra when buying from us because your not using Safari? I know its just IE7 and not the other version but honestly who the hell cares? I don't find this funny or clever, if they wanted to make a difference why not just explain to users who many not know about other browsers or may not realise that IE7 is an older browser? My grandparents wouldn't understand this, they would think that the tax was a true thing, they don't know about computers.

    • And the fellow (or lady) responsible for maintaining their Web page will keep gettin' paid for the additional work required to properly render the site in a web browser that refuses to acknowledge, much less implement, standards.

      Their reasoning might be uncommon, even harsh, but it's based on a legitimate gripe.

    • It's because they want to keep their website current giving their customers the best experience ever, however IE7 restricts what they can do, it's holding them back. So they have to do twice the work essentially to make a working website for a small percentage of users. That small percentage of users should not hold the web industry back, and this is a way to ensure progression. Its either they eat the higher development cost due to spending all the extra time making it work for IE7, or more simply just say forget them and not have it work for IE7, which many sites go along with, or this driving the importance of updating your free software to the user.

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