George Bush Beheaded on Games of Thrones

It seems that the Game of Thrones creators managed to slip in a rather amusing little prop into some of the gory scenes of season 1 of the show: namely George W. Bush’s head on a stake!

His head appears alongside the heads of Ned Stark and Septa Mordane, as one of the ‘traitors’. Of course, you wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking for it.

The creators claim that it was not a political statement, and simply about using what props they had “lying around”.

Obviously, the Republican Party chairman, Craig Eaton, doesn’t see any humour in the situation and decries the use of such a prop as disrespecting the office of presidency that George Bush once held. He says that whether it was intended or not, it has become a political issue and he calls for the nation of America to take a stand against such things and boycott the HBO show.

Well, American readers, what say ye? Does this smack of a disrespect of your nation’s leader’s position, or is it a non-issue to you?

In any case, I’m off to fetch a magnifying glass and a copy of the season 1 DVDs to watch them all again and find out what else I have missed!

Editor’s note: Apparently, the head we’re talking about here is the one on the left, not the center one.

[Via E! Online]

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      • But they DID have one lying around for Bush, eh? They had the head of a former President just lying around, but they didn't have the head of the current President, no? Yeah. Tell me again how it's NOT a political message?

        • Well that all depends on why they had Bush laying around doesn't it? Perhaps it was used for some project HBO put on back when Bush was the president then discarded after that movie, show or whatever. Just because the president changes doesn't mean they should go back and make new props for a show or movie that's not on the air anymore.

          Why should you jump to claim it was a political message? If it was a message, wouldn't they back it up and own up to it? After all, what good is a message if it has no support? I believe this was just what they say it was. Nothing more.

        • Right. Sure, it is. It's NOT a political message. You mean to tell me that they didn't have any other prosthetic head lying around BUT that of a former President for production on a television show that has an established track record for disparaging Republicans.

        • Wait, does this mean that people respected him while he was in office? What country was I living in? I mean hell, during the attacks at 9/11 instead of doing his job he was reading to school kids. But still, if it was a politically charged message I think they would have gone "His Dark Materials" on it, and admitted it loudly and proudly. The great thing about America is that we have the right to say and do things like this without being jailed, or fined, or anything else. Someone on set crew might have thought it would be funny, or something else.

        • I'm sorry, did George Bush have long hair during his presidency? They simply stated that they had a george bush head lying around, and they clearly modified it a bit for the scene – it wasn't intended to be a "beheading of bush" They just wanted to point out the trivia because they found it funny.

          If they had an Obama head lying around I'm sure they would've done the same – wait, actually, probably not. The Summer Islanders aren't very common in Westeros. It might not be canon if that were the case.

        • Well they clearly had other prosthetic heads laying around, as you can see in the picture. It just so happened only one of them happened to be one of Bush. Isn't it a little early in the morning to be drinking the kool-aid?

        • A series based in a mythological medieval era world has a track record for disparaging Republicans.

          You must be a tea party member.

        • You are seriously misguided. I bet if they had indeed had an Obama head lying around this would be a non-issue to you. All I can say is grow a pair, even if it was truly just a head lying amongst a bunch of available props you'd never believe it, you might as well believe noone ever wins the lottery, must be a democratic conspiracy.

        • Another thought, I hope you go on the Fox forums and complain about Futurama using fake heads of former presidents…no, of course you don't, cartoons aren't real.

        • because if it was the sitting president it would be taken as a threat and thus a felony. Former presidents are not under as much legalese…

  1. Yeah, this is pretty disrespectful. Just because its "George Bush" doesn't mean squat. It could be Bin Laden and I would still disagree with this. Its wrong, plain and simple, and now its become a political issue. This isn't something done in jest – A Game of Thrones isn't exactly a comedy show.

    Also, you can either boycott the show or pirate it. And supposedly, its the most pirated show in history.

    • Any conservative paying for any HBO program — the network that gives Bill Maher airtime — can't be too serious about that whole boycott thing anyway.

    • It's the head on the left, not the center one. That's the really dumb thing in all this; If they had kept quiet about it, no one would have ever known. Now they've got a PR issue on their hands, and the show is already too popular for "any press is good press" to apply. Probably won't hurt them too badly, but good case of foot-in-mouth right there.

      • Considering Bush's public image, I think this still falls into a "any press is good press" kind of thing.

        Popular media takes shots at the presidency – good or bad – all the time. This is more an issue of someone over reacting to this easter egg. Intended or not, it doesn't change the show or Bush's reputation.

    • I’ve stared at this thing left, right, upside down, and sideways and still can’t see any resemblance what so ever. If they didn’t have a response by the show’s creators I’d totally call BS on this.

      That said, who cares? Take a mold of my head and stick it up there, I’d be honored.

  2. Disrespecting the President on TV is bad? Quick, somebody call SNL and every late night talk show in existence for all of forever!!

  3. Television, Theater, Art, Music have all been traditional places to poke at (with various degrees of severity) popular figures of the day. This is nothing new, and speaking as an American isn't it our right to express our opinions in just this way or similar? President Bush was an incredibly unpopular political figure in general.
    @Manchops if they did use President Obama's head it would be just as justified as every figure has his detractors I generally dislike this kind of media attention as it simply has nothing to do with any real problems and distracts from real issues.

  4. Hmm. I thought one of the best things about the US is how we have the freedom to lampoon (or even harpoon) our politicians in jest. We don't need to get fundamentalist about it because, hey! We're not North Korea!

    • I think this falls under the category of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should". The fallout from it is reason enough, not to mention preserving some shred of respect for the office.

  5. I find it tasteless and stupid, but we've become a culture of bullies so who's surprised. We watch shows where people compete to be humiliated and derided, we mock those whose opinion differs from our own rather than engage in discourse on the issues and we lobby to have the free speech rights of others silenced for no other reason than we disagree with them. I'm surprised someone hasn't come up with a game show where you get your head lopped off if you get too many answers wrong. This is the world we want to live in, we'd best get used to it the next head on that pole will likely be my own.

  6. The funny thing is NO ONE knew untill the comments on the dvd, meaning that untill it was given light it wasnt untill then no one noticed the resembelence its just a head, seriously Americans are WAY to uptight…really…. its a tv show, and all your bitching and complaining wont change anything.

  7. It's a prop that was used in a show that takes place in a medieval-esque sword and sorcery fantasy world. Who cares? This Eaton guy is a piece of garbage

  8. American here. I could care less. Maybe careless of the production company, but … really not a big deal.

  9. wow American's need to calm down, if we all took things like this seriously entire British public would have boycotted american tv for that god awful tv documentary you did last year on william and kate, the entire show was made from rumour and assuption and you know what Britain did, ignored it and got on with our lives, really

  10. Non-issue. This is a clear case of some politician (asshat) justifying his existence by creating a "cause" to fight against. Seriously, we have better things to worry about.

  11. As an American I find this amusing. Even looking for the prop it's a stretch to make that connection. And even if you do, how does the Bush presidency not deserve a bit of scrutiny? If he was a king in said time I'm pretty sure he would be beheaded for being mad. Hmm…

  12. Erm that isn't even him even accidentally, those who have watched the show would know that is Sansa and Arya's tutor Septre Mordane… Anyone that even thinks that is some sort of "political statement" and are seeing more into it than what is there, is just ignorant. Shame on you.

      • I stand corrected on that point but I still stand by my point that those who are reading too much into it are ignorant, it's a prosthetic that has less than a second of screen time it's over hype for no reason

  13. Pretty sure Bush was the most made fun of President in history. No one remembers "That's My Bush"? I don't think 1 head in the background means anything. NEXT!

  14. I think that we need to differentiate between "making a political statement" and "doing something that they thought was appropriate." I'm sure the guys that put that head up there thought it was incredibly appropriate.

    As for respecting the office, Bush himself made a complete mockery of the office. Why should we feel any differently about his term?

  15. What a total non-story this is.

    But that's the type of quality, hard-hitting investigative journalism you come to expect from such a reputable source like E! News Online.

  16. Here's a conservative person (so conservative I don't consider myself a Republican, yep) that seriously totally DOES NOT CARE. This is such a stupid thing to get upset about. =_=;

    If anything, I find it a bit amusing. You think they'll keep finding presidents' heads to put on spikes? I'd like to see some ye-old timey presidents like George Washington or Roosevelt. They should make it "a thing" to give fans a little something extra to look out for. (What president's head is on a spike THIS week?! :D )

  17. personally I think this is all stupid. I see no similarity between the head and bush but even so no one noticed or cared till this article. who cares? bush was often a joke as a president and if he doesnt care then why should any one else? game of thrones is amazing so leave it alone

  18. If it were a political statement then it was very poorly done one seeing as this was on season one and it took this long for some overly anal dip stick to figure it out. It's a non-issue in my opinion with the only political agenda involved with it are those feigning anger in order to insight others foolish enough to go along for the ride.

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