Avengers Scratch Off Lotto [Pic]

On the way back from A-Kon in Dallas, TX my I came across this gem at a gas station in Tyler. Figures Hawkeye would be our big winner, my friend scored a whole $1.00.

(Lindsey with her winning ticket).


8 Responses to Avengers Scratch Off Lotto [Pic]

  1. Holy Crap! You guys are in Texas?!? I thought you were Canadian! I went to A-kon from 1994-1999!

    • Nope, we're not :) Meredith, who wrote this piece, is based in GA… (Me – Admin) and Rodney are in Canada, DJ is in Australia, and John is in the UK.

  2. Aw you drove through Shreveport on your way home. Hope we didn't scare you too much :)