Mass Effect Hoodies Are Coming! [PIC]

Who says media companies never listen to their fans??

Artist lupodirosso created designs based on all characters in “Mass Effect 3” and then emailed BioWare, the creator of the video game. Impressed by lupodirosso’s idea, the company said they would create a few of the hoodies for a trial run and if they sell well, the possibility of creating more will be discussed.

Take a look at lupodirosso’s proposed hoodie ideas below:

Artist and "Mass Effect 3" fan lupodirosso drew up character-inspired hoodies and pitched the idea to game-creator BioWare.

Which design is your favorite? How much would you be willing to spend on a “Mass Effect 3”-inspired hoodie?

[Via Geekologie]


10 Responses to Mass Effect Hoodies Are Coming! [PIC]

  1. Now if they combined them with the Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie for lighting effects….even more awesomeness.

  2. I would pay between 35-60 for a hoodie. Unless they have the same material they used for the N7 armor hoodie (see bioware store,) it would be too much. Plus having a reasonable price per hoodie would be good for business to bring repeat customers. It would sweeten the deal if they had special codes for the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer to get new weapons and characters with them. But that’s just me…

  3. I would pay nothing since I regret getting a shirt at release after the shambles they made of Mass Effect 3. I'm not going to give them more money after they butchered the franchise. What sort of message would that send?

  4. I'm getting my girlfriend the Tali hoody for sure. I'm not sure she's ever seen or played Mass Effect. This will be a present for her that is definitely for me :)

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