R U A CYBERPUNK? [Picture]

No but seriously, R U? :)

A page from an edition of Mondo 2000, a cyberculture magazine that was published in California during the mid 1990s.

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4 Responses to R U A CYBERPUNK? [Picture]

  1. Mirror shades are cool, if done right (ie, not aviators), no matter what the fashion police want to say.

    Kind of a poor definition, almost a charicature, of a CyberPunk. Some may have rocked that, but would have been only 1 subset of a myriad of types (and that's why that is nearly a charicature, bucause it's saying that THAT (and only that) is CyberPunk).

    It is a bit harder to stand out from the crowd today though. Everyone has a damn smart phone, and like mentioned above, those have many of the functions of the old-school tech sprawled out in the pic. Back then, it was only people who were truly interested in tech and the bleeding edge, with an obscure taste in music and an attitude who rocked gear even remotely like that. Kinda sad that an 11 year old girl is likely to have so much of that all wrapped up in her iPhone4S (plus Siri).

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