How to Instantly Wipe Your Hard Drive’s Data Forever [Video]

Need to wipe all data from your hard drive(s) really, really quickly? Then look no further than the Data Killer, a beast that can delete all data from magnetic media in less time that it takes you to blink your eyes.

[DigInfo TV]


8 Responses to How to Instantly Wipe Your Hard Drive’s Data Forever [Video]

  1. I found this interesting until they way he says data annoyed me so much I had to stop watching. My ears couldn't take it.

  2. Magnetic discs are out and solid state is in… This might have been useful 10 years ago but its an invention that is a bit too late.

    • Wiping a 3TB drive would take while. With this, it will be fast.
      Solid state won't be mainstream for another 5-8 years, demand is too high.

    • SSD is not an affordable alternative to HDD yet. Maybe in a few years. No reason for anyone from the average person to the gamer to not still use a HDD.

    • This hasn't just been invented Blake, its quite simple. And you clearly don't work in any IT related industry, as SSD is NOT "in". I don't know of any company not still using magnetic discs. I personally have one SSD for the OS, but all my other data is still on magnetic media.

  3. That device wont work all the time. If you have HD's who has had the same files on them for months then the magnets will slowly return to their old state and rendering the data recoverable through normal and regular means.

  4. Nothing really new here…this is a degaussing machine. I've used these in Datacenters for years now to wipe secure information off hard drives when they fail. And like TDK said, its not the most secure method…that would be a crusher/punch, but you cant refurbish the drive if you go that route.

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