WTH Japan! – Mamba Girls

Warning: Video contains strong language.

I was going to write about a giant centipede whose bite causes neurological disorders, but then I saw this video on my Facebook feed.

I don’t even have words to describe this. This clip is from a 2009 flick called “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl” and features a quadruplet group of ganguro / mamba girls, essentially Japanese chicks who wear incredibly dark makeup to emulate black people. Normally, they’re just creepy looking. This takes it to a whole new level.

Ganguro / Mamba fashion was popular in the early part of 2000. It should be noted that this video is just a parody of that trend. It is also a prime example of just how other cultures interpret each other. Do all Japanese people think this way? Of course not. Though according to a friend who went there, and was constantly hounded for his signature (6’2 black man, so he OBVIOUSLY played basketball, or so the locals thought), dark skin people are generally revered in the Land of the Rising Sun.

It’s been a long week. Laugh, roll your eyes, or shake your head and ask yourself, “What the Hell, Japan?!”