Diablo III is Finally Out!!!

Ah! Diablo III, one of the most iconic RPG franchise of all time, is finally out! For those who already purchased it, how’s your experience with the game like so far?

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  1. So far so good – hit wizard level 9 in three hours; for me, it's exactly what I wanted/expected – Diablo & Diablo 2 with a few tweaks and a new graphics engine. They haven't broken what didn't need fixing!

  2. Could not play either server down, a bad start for a long awaited game like that SO SAD …
    I really wanted to play that game now !!!

  3. Downloaded the game client 3x ~7gb now (DL…delete….DL….etc) and still doesn't work thanks to the "error 108" that's screwing over a lot of people….all good fun! :-(

  4. I love the game, but think it's complete and total BS that I can't play a SINGLE-PLAYER game without being logged in. Just a dumb decision on their part…

      • All the games I have are original in their boxes (I like the game boxes) I even buy the special editions (Assassin's Creed etc). But the moment the game requires online connection to play I wait for the crack to appear so that I can play w/o wasting my precious bandwidth. These measures promote piracy they do not stop the gaming piracy.

  5. No clue, been down all night. Being a HUGE original Diablo player I was really looking forward to running some dungeons tonight. No dice. Blizzard is notorious for being under spec'd for launch. With cloud computing, why have they not solved this problem yet? Kinda of sucks.

  6. Started download before work. Come home and the log in server is down. Really not liking the 100% connection reliant experience.

  7. This is why I never play a blizzard game at launch, give it a couple of weeks and it should be fine. There decision to force everyone to log in regardless of player mode is pure greed on their part but the games going to be so huge they don't care if there's launch issues, it won't affect sales.

  8. Already level 49,heading to Hell level and getting ready for the newest version of the "Moo Moo Farm",now with My Little Pony,rainbows and more ponies.Yay! Bronies paradise <3

    Enjoy like I do.

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