It’s Caturday: Jedi Cat vs. Pitbull [Video]



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  1. Here's what I'm curious about – Why is someone photographing a pit bull harassing a cat next to a big cage? Something about that whole thing seems not right.

    • I don't believe that the pit bull is harassing the cat at all. The dog's body language is that of a dog trying to play. Cat just didn't want to play. Most pit bulls are quite gentle with other animals. (Which, I do believe you understand, if I understand the intent of your post correctly.)

  2. The pit bull was clearly harassing the cat. It's highly questionable whether or not the pit bull was just being playful, but the fact remains that the cat was scared and trying to defend itself. Even "play" can escalate into a bad situation when the animal trying to defend itself, who is NOT playing, scratches or bites enough to piss the attacker off. The person filming the event was so close- probably owned the dogs and should have put a stop to it. Stupid to try to make it look cutesy by adding that jedi silliness.

    • The pit bull was playing. As someone who owns two pit bulls, I can tell you the dog is clearly playing around as evidence of his tale and general body posture. If the dog wanted to cause harm, his tail would NOT be wagging and his head would be low and staring before making his move.

      I wish people would stop and think before they comment, especially about Pit Bulls. If it were any other dog, you all probably would not be making these comments.

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