Terrorist Identification Tech Used for Historical Revelation

They say that the one good thing that comes out of war and strife is technological advancement. Facial recognition technology that was originally created to identify terrorist suspects is now going to be employed in the pursuit of knowledge: to identify people featured in paintings of the past.

Who is the Girl with the Pearl Earring? The Mona Lisa? These are answers art historians have only been able to speculate on. The FACES (Faces, Art, and Computerized Evaluation Systems) project by researchers at the University of California seeks to change that.

It is suggested that the technology could go further than identifying enigmatic painting subjects. Architectural changes could be analyzed to provide new information on construction processes and the history of buildings. Paleography (the study of ancient writing) could also make use of it to understand where ancient manuscripts originated and developed – which many archaeologists quibble about due to the very subjective evidence that’s currently available.

So we may soon be able to know who the Mona Lisa really was, and that might eventually lead us to why she has such a creepy smirk.

[Daily Mail Via DVICE]


6 Responses to Terrorist Identification Tech Used for Historical Revelation

  1. If the price of learning who Mona Lisa really was is death, destruction, and the erosion of my civil liberties, I'd rather live with the mystery. Can't we have the technological advancement without the war?

    • I was wondering this myself, did they have a repository of photo ID's in the 16th century? The only thing I can think of is there may be records of people with descriptions of their appearance but people change and descriptions are somewhat subjective… I doubt this is going to put the mystery to bed.

  2. Without time travel and setting up video surveillance in that time period this will not do much more that you can see on the picture… wow a girl with a earring and a girl smiling, both are white and probably lived in Europe… haha. Is our government telling us that all the trillionths spend on trying to enslave us are well spend? Sorry, but it doesn't work.

  3. I recently watched a documentry on the Turin shroud and they speculated that da vinci actually used his own face for a lot of his work as it was the face he was most famillar with. So its possable that the Mona Lisa was actualy baised on Da Vinci's own face.

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