My Favorite Webcomic: Chuck and Beans

Frequent readers will notice that I post Brian Gordon’s Chuck and Beans webcomic fairly regularly. Well geeks, as it happens, Chuck and Beans is pretty much my favorite webcomic, and even though we often feature Brian’s strips on GAS, the site where his comics are originally posted could stand to get a little more love. So if you love Chuck and Beans as much as I do, here’s a few things you can do to show your support:

1- Visit, which is an awesome website featuring the work of many great cartoonists.
2- Check out the whole Chuck and Beans archive while you’re visiting the site.
3- Purchase Chuck and Beans merchandise on, including the 2012 Calendar and 2013 Calendar.

People often don’t show enough support to things they love, so here’s my shot at it for today!

[Source: Shoeboxblog]