Inside Disney’s Magic Mountain [Video]

For many, Disney World‘s Space Mountain is the highlight of the Magic Kingdom.

But for the millions of tourists who visit each year, very few get to experience the ride in daylight, as the indoor roller coaster twists and turns mostly through darkness.

Until now.

Check out how cool the steely inner workings are of the famed ride.

[Via The Disney Blog]


6 Responses to Inside Disney’s Magic Mountain [Video]

  1. that is truly remarkable – i almost didnt recognize space mountain in that particular video.

    thanks lauren!

  2. 1.) If you let the first video run, the space mountain video will load.

    2.) Any of us who watched the Disney Channel in the 90's will remember multiple "Imagineer This!" segments on the inside of space mountain. I wonder if anyone has uploaded those?

  3. When I was a kid, the ride actually had to be stopped while we were on it (either it broke or someone got sick, I don't remember). So it was kind of interesting to see how it's not really a hard-core rollercoaster. It's just that since you're in the dark and can't see what's coming, the turns and dips feel more severe.

  4. And that, boys and girls, is why you don't raise your hands too high up on Space Mountain.

    You know what is really cool to see in the work lights? The Haunted Mansion. The "ghosts" don't disappear and you can see a lot more of the detail.

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