Star Wars Micro Replicates Classic Arcade Cabinet

This really takes me back. In my younger days, I grew to understand the need for employment as all my expendable cash was spent on 45 Vinyl Single records and frequent trips to the local arcade.

At the arcade there were a few guaranteed coin eaters, and my all-time favorite was the Star Wars Arcade game. Now an electronics geek by the screen name of LeChuck has replicated my favorite machine into a fully functional 1:6 replica he calls the Star Wars Micro. And I want it.

Le Chuck describes this as a modded GPH Caanoo based miniature arcade device (open source Linux based hand held video arcade console.) It stands at 12” and is a detailed scale replica of the original Atari Star Wars Cabinet with fully functional yoke controller. It even has a light up coin slot door that operates as a push button simulating the addition of credits.

No more coin gobbling.

This cabinet looks exactly like the machine that I coveted in local arcades as a kid. And the game itself is clearly the original game rom, preserving the classic arcade game.

The Force will be with you. Always.

You can read about the whole 80 hour process HERE.

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