T-rex Dog Rides Again

Roosevelt, a dog who was born with a deformity that makes his legs look like adorable little T-rex arms, can now run and play with other dogs.  So many tears of joy.  This kind of stuff is awesome.  Look at him go!

via Geekologie via Laughing Squid


2 Responses to T-rex Dog Rides Again

  1. I've seen a dog with two legs on one side run faster than most other dogs with all fours, so it doesn't surprise me that this dog does well on his own. I'm just glad to see that he had an accommodation that might make his life a little easier (assuming he doesn't like to run up and down steps X_X).

  2. Not sure if it was a good idea, actually…
    I’m pretty sure a dog can learn to move on two legs, which would have been much better : it could have been able to jump, lay on the side, roll over, maybe even climb stairs.
    With these wheels, he’s completely stuck on the ground.

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