IKEA Uppleva: Furniture with Built-In Smart TV

WANT! Right now! Too bad the Uppleva range isn’t available as of yet, else I’d probably get one right away, even though assembling one of those will probably be a somewhat nightmarish experience.

IKEA introduces UPPLEVA, a completely new range that integrates smart TV and sound system with furniture. UPPLEVA brings beauty and functionality to the living room, solving the problem of cable clutter and miss-match between TV and furniture.

You will find UPPLEVA in Stockholm, Milan, Paris, Gdansk and Berlin in June 2012. During autumn 2012 UPPLEVA is available in all of the stores in Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Norway and Portugal, and during spring 2013 in even more countries.



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  1. Oh man, it has to cost a small fortune but that's pretty cool! It makes me want to DIY though, ya know? I'm pretty sure you could make something like this with all the electronics currently owned.

    The one downside, though, is if the DVD/bluray player breaks or the TV breaks or the furniture portion breaks, you'll probably have to bring the WHOLE THING in for repair. (Unless they send repairmen…)

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