Cover Girls of DC Poker Set

There is an eternal struggle in the world of comics. On one hand, we have the sexual objectification of female superheroes, and on the other hand we have the celebration of the same alluring spandex clad pin ups.

I prefer the general appreciation of art as a whole regardless of if it features a female or male character, but for some reason this product doesn’t come with any boys on it.

A unique poker set with a standard 54 Card deck features the art of Adam Hughes, depicting the art used for the DC Direct Cover Girls of the DC Universe Statues.

The poker set also comes with 300 11.5 gram clay poker chips in red, gold, purple and blue, each also depicting a DC Cover Girl. This is all included a the lockable metal carrying case with a certificate of authenticity.

So while you geeks are engaging in a game of poker, you can still express your appreciation for the lovely ladies of the DC Universe while you play.

You can pick up this set for around $125 at your favourite local comic book shop or online.

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