6 Reasons Being a Thirty-Year-Old Gamer Sucks

I could definitely say this goes for me, too.  Whenever I play video games for too long I develop a deep and troublesome feeling of existential dread.  I don’t get it with books or good movies.  Videogames should be more like books.  The best ones already are.

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  1. Ok I am way way past 30 and the only thing I can relate to about this is the lack of time. I don't have six hours to blow on zelda at a go, the best I can manage is three and that's only on Sundays. But I game every day, and I like that I can afford to buy whatever I want. I've been thinking about five things at once since I was eleven. I'm even harder to offend than I used to be.

    Maybe it's because I'm a girl. You can keep your werthers and your rocking chair. I'm only sitting out on that porch if the weather's nice and I have my portables.

  2. Awwww….did the poor games Journo grow up? Is that even possible?
    This year I reached the answer to life, the universe & everything & I'm still handing the younger generation their well kicked arses.

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