Marvel to give Hawkeye his own Title

With Avengers right around the corner we have a ton of promotional material being shoved up our noses. I almost wonder if with all the behind the scenes clips and set photos, trailers and sneak peeks, someone patch together most of the movie?

But we have to remember that at the end of the day this is a movie based on a comic book, and whenever that happens the publisher is going to try and take advantage of the buzz. Right now there is a massive summer crossover event in which The Avengers are facing off against the X-Men. Of course we wouldn’t see that on the big screen since Marvel currently has all things X-Men licensed out to Fox.

But as soon as that is over, word has it that the lesser known character Hawkeye will be getting his own title.

The new book will have Hawkeye straying from The Avengers to find his purpose as a hero. For those not in the know, Clint Barton was not always a hero and often struggles with his more base impulses and rougher side. He is kind of a dick, but means well and chooses to use his skills for good.

I can see how Hawkeye might feel a little outside the circle in The Avengers. He is just a normal man with a gift for loosing some incredibly accurate arrows – better than anyone in the world according to his Marvel profile. But he joined a team with gods and superpowered paragons of humankind. Kind of makes “shooting a bow” feel a little less important.

Barton will not be alone on the new title. He will have an apprentice in the form of Young Avenger Kate Bishop, who also went by the name Hawkeye. The book is written by Matt Fraction with artist David Aja, who have teamed up before to bring us Immortal Iron Fist in 2006.

The first of this new ongoing series is set to come out in August.