Want to See an iPad Being Born?

Apple iPad being assembled by Foxconn workers

Want to watch an iPad being born at the hands of migrant workers in China’s Foxconn mega-complex? Of course you do. Who would want to watch that cute bundle of your money become a high tech piece of computer hardware?

Foxconn, a massive production facility in China, is the birthplace of many Apple iPads every day. And while the workers are paid an average of $14 a day, Foxconn is still considered one of the more desirable places to work in China.

“Desirable” seems to fit on a harsh sliding scale of “scheduled pay dates” and literal suicide inspiring work conditions.

The payscale does appear to be very little, however in Foxconn’s Longua, Shenzhen facility – sometimes called Foxconn City – there is a walled-in campus citystate that is pretty much self-contained. The facility includes housing for workers, sports complex, and its own TV Network to provide entertainment. It even includes a mall-like retail area with a grocery store, a bank, restaurants and other outlets.

Foxconn is the motherland to many other devices you may already own including the Amazon Kindle, Microsoft’s Xbox360, Sony’s Playstation 3, and the Wii console.

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