William Shatner: Ghostbuster? [Pic]

Yesterday, William Shatner tweeted the following text along with a link pointing to the picture you see above to his followers:

Who ya gonna call? SHATNER! I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

So geeks, what do you guys think this could mean?

[Via Geektyrant]


6 Responses to William Shatner: Ghostbuster? [Pic]

  1. The Shatner has a proton pack!?! My envy, and hatred levels for him just shot through the roof. Next he'll tell us that not only does he have the original life size millenium falcon used in the first star wars movies for when he watches TV, but he's got the original holy grail and he uses it when he drinks burgundy and eats cheese n crackers.

  2. You know what makes this pic even better? That jacket is MOST DEFINITELY from 1984!!!! The Shat seems to be climbing on board Takei's "DESTROY TWILIGHT FANS" campaign!!!

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