Time Traveler About Future Games [Video]

The inconvenient truth about the progression of gaming.


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  1. Consoles were the death of gaming. Since last generation appeared all I keep seeing is a simplification and cutting of corners. Games do not provide a challenge any more.

    • Look who didn't play Deamon's Souls and Dark Souls…

      Oh and btw, yeah games were hard, but that had a reason. It all goes back to the arcade. They wanted you to throw in one coin after another. To get that they made the games ridicoulusly hard sometimes even unfair. So you don't finis them so easiely and throw all your money in these machines. And when these games got on the home consoles nothing changed.

      Games like Dark Souls are fair in their hard difficulties. Every time you die you'll always now why you died, at what point you screwed up and how to make it better next time.
      With older games it's not always that simple.

      Also imagine story driven games that are rock hard. How would you want to focus on what's going on when you get stuck every 5 meters, for half an hour, or even better. How about plying Skyrim, but every time you die you have to start from the beginning. Sure it's a nice challenge, but I surely couldn't find the time to finish a game like that anymore. There's too much out there that's worth playing, if every game would take tons of time to finish just because it's too hard, then I'd prefer the newer easy way.

      tl;dr I don't mind hard games, hell I wish there were some more out there, but it's good to have games that aren't throwing you off majorly and fuel you with rage, making you forget about some of the beautiful stories they try to tell you. :)

      • Yes I played "souls" games that was a nice change. I am talking about me doing practically nothing and the game carrying itself forward "dear player please keep tapping X (A, any key)" to win the game. There still are original and interesting games once in a while but the rest is reduced to linear shooters, "let me guide you" RPGs, and mindless slashers.

  2. What killed gaming was realism. Games used to be surreal and you had to put yourself in situations that you didn't believe. People wanted to escape reality for a while and have some fun. Now games are either futuristic, modern, or historical. There is no need to do the impossible because all impossibilities are removed. This is just one geeks opinion and I do not intend to sway anyone with my argument.

    • You didn’t persuade me, but that’s just because I already agree with you. Everything seems like it’s got to have realistic graphics these days. (I’m sure there are exceptions, of course, but note the word “seems”.) I loved the cartoonish, drawn look of Curse of Monkey Island, or the designs of the Quest for Glory series.

      …Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go yell at some kids to get off my lawn. ;)

  3. lold at the apple

    something that contributed to games lack of story/difficulty is the guide/tutorials, they basically tell u how to beat/play the game,;they take away the struggle(puzzle/problem solving) aspect from the game. also, cheats have become really popular… im not gonna lie, i used to go to gamefaqs.com to look up how to do fatalities on mortal kombat and also look up how to get the "cool looking monster" on dragon warrior monsters, but when i saw my little brother play, he would look at the guides and follow them and i thought to myself, "wow, really?" i understand some games can get frustrating and that simple games, such as angry birds, galaxian, etc, are used to relieve stress and relax. idk

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